Appendices Deal With Issues Special to Woodworking History, Incident to the Main Inquiry, But Sit Outside the Narrative

Appendix 1: Memoir of Forty Years of Woodworking

Appendix 2: The Morris Chair as an Icon of Amateur Woodworkers

Appendix 3: The Evolution of the Tilt-Arbor Saws (Table and Radial)

Appendix 4: A Century of Woodworking Manuals (under construction)

Appendix 5: Note about the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature and Index to Handicrafts and Make-It Indexes (Reference Tools for Researching Woodworking History in the Twentieth Century)

Appendix 6:Evolution of the Woodworker's Cutting Edge  

Appendix 7: Creativity and Woodworking: Is Woodworking "Process" or "Product"?

Appendix 8: The Newbie Woodworker’s Guide to the Anatomy and Physiology of Wood

Appendix 9: Defining Industrial Arts

Appendix 10: Furniture Styles

Appendix 11: On the Origins of the Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts Style

Appendix 12: The Aesthetic Movement 1875 - 1885

Appendix 13: Defining Modernistic Furniture Design for Amateur Woodworkers in the 1930s

Appendix 14: Stanley Tools (Corporate) How to Work With Tools and Wood, 1927, & 1952

Appendix 15: Woodworker's Manuals in Public Libraries

Appendix 16: What is an Amateur Woodworker?

Appendix 17: Editorial Advisors

Appendix 18: On the Origin of the Radial Arm Saw

Appendix 19: The Impact of Electrification

Appendix 21: History of the Fractional Horsepower Motor in America

Appendix 22:  Hans Goldschmidt and his Shopsmith

Appendix 23 : The 1920s and 1950s: Two Pivotal Decades in Amateur Woodworking

Appendix 24 : From Production to Consumption: Does the Deskilling of the Handicraftsman Mean the Degradation of Labor?

Appendix 25:Notes for Piece on Modernism, Modernization, Modernity, Antimodern

Appendix 26: The Evolving Concept of Leisure

Appendix 27: Home-Ownership's Central Role for Amateur Woodworking

Appendix 28: Parallel Nature of Cookbooks and Woodworker's Manuals

Appendix 29: George C Kelley and Ray L Carter Develop the Router

Appendix 30: Notes on the Home Workshop Movement

Appendix 31: Directory of "Notes" on Colonial Revival Movement

Appendix 32 Directory of "Notes" on the Arts and Crafts Movement in America

Appendix 33: Woodworking as Reflective Thought: The History of Critical Thinking in Manual Education

Appendix 35: Woodworking's Three-Legged Stool:-- Craftsmanship as Spirituality, Creativity, Culture

Appendix 36: Notes on England's Post-Morris Architect/Designers:-- Arthur H. Mackmurdo, Charles F. A. Voysey, M H Baillie Scott, Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Appendix 37: Notes on the "Art Chair" Theme

Appendix 38: Impact on Furniture Design With Emergence of Vernacular/Organic Architecture

Appendix 39: Directory of British Arts and Crafts Movement

Appendix 40: Foot-Powered And Hand-Powered Woodworking Machines