After much personal thought, I am creating individual pages for each of the 1920s tools, originally listed as Appendix 23 through Appendix 19, on the Appendices page.)

A tumultuous  decade for amateur woodworking, covering that chapter's history of the development of power tools designed for woodworkers presents difficulties for the Internet. Why? Because, in a single narrative, the story for each machine tool bulks up so large.

By breaking the story  down into smaller components than simply a large single webpage,  reading -- it is thought -- will be easier. Other appendices associated with Chapter 4  are

Appendix 19: The Impact of Electrification 

Appendix 21: History of the Fractional Horsepower Motor in America)

Appendix 23: J D Wallace Jointer

Appendix 24: J D Wallace Table Saws

Appendix 25: Skilsaw (Portable Electric Handsaw)

Appendix 26: Delta Scroll Saw

Appendix 27: Delta Handishop

Appendix 28: Radial Arm Saw

Appendix 29: Ray L Carter and the Router