8:2 Background Information, useful for understanding developments in woodworking

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Magazines and newspapers with woodworking content
Both Popular Mechanics and Popular Science -- , very successfully launched in the 19th century, contained articles on woodworking, either about tools and/or projects for woodworkers. 

Home Craftsman
, intitiated in the 1930s as an organ for Walker-Turner home power tools, died in 1965. 
The Whole Earth Catalog is a non-woodworking serial, but a testament of another era’s culture, i.e., the counter-culture of the 1960s and 1970s.  The Whole Earth Catalog's editor, Stewart Brand, used a savvy wisdom, and insisted upon a  broad interpretation of  the kinds of materials the WEC covered; among the pot pourri of topcs covered, issue by issue, woodworking tools, woodworking processes, and if I remember correctly, even woodworking projects graced its pages.

a href="manuals_1961-1970.htm" target="_blank"> font face="comic sans ms,sand" size="3"> oodworker's Manuals 1961-1970 For statistics on numbers of woodworker's manuals published decade by ecade, see a class="tinyreplace" href="http://www.woodworkinghistory.com/index.php?page=59"> anuals access page.)   More and more frequently, opies of woodworker's manuals are being igitized and uploaded to the Internet by Google ooks. I try to keep up with these events, and ndicate appropriately the titles of oodworker's manuals that can be read on the eb, but it is a large job, so I ask that eaders inform me if they encounter webbased manuals.

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