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To Ray's Woodworking History readers:

We regret to inform you that Ray passed away on Feb 25, 2016.

He wanted this website to stay up for everyone to continue to enjoy. Ray was always ready to help people learn about woodworking. So, we are leaving the site just as it was. His last update was only a week before he passed. Enjoy his legacy.

He will be missed.

See Ray's Profile of in Woodshop News April 2010: PDF or HTML.

From the beginning of this website, I've given stress to American woodworking history topics - with a particular focus on amateur woodworking.
Lately, I have begun to expand the narrative to include British woodworking history topics. The Nav bar on the left shows links to British woodworking topics.

My website includes:

(1) an extensive glossary, where entries define a multitude of topics that relate to woodworking's history
(2) historical documents
(3) many other textual materials and images of woodworking's history, especially amateur woodworking.

Selected Primary Sources
Vintage Woodworker's Manuals

Manufacturer's Tool Catalogs

Check out my latest pdf catalog (17mb), a 1913 edition of The Heavy Hardware Co) - a firm based in Toledo, Ohio that specialized in "carriage and wagon maker's, blacksmiths' and horseshoer's supplies", but upon looking deeper, a whole lot more too.

Use the links in the nav bar above for:

Narratives and images that explore topics related to woodworking's history

"Master" authors of Woodworker's Manuals, such as Charles H. Hayward and "Chris" De Cristoforo.

Primaty Sources in Woodworking History.

Extensive definitions of a wide range of woodworking terms, including their historical origins

Vintage Catalogs
Links to PDFs of Vintage Tool Catalogs related to Woodworking.

Check out Router and Bandsaw for Updating & Additions

Sources for parts:
For vintage hand held power tools - Charles H. Day in Portland, OR.

For vintage stationary woodworking tools- Plaza Machinery in Bethel, VT.

My Woodworking Interests and Projects

I've enjoyed making furniture, picture frames, and "jigs":

    Making Picture frames

    Jig for Creating Floating Tenons

    Bandsaw Table and Fence Combo

    Constructing Arts and Crafts Sofa and Coffee Tables With Book-Matched Veneer Tops:
    Resawing of "Big-Leaf" Maple Burl

    Jig for Horizontal Mortiser on X31

    Making Robland X31 Horizontal Mortiser
    a into a Horizontal Router/Shaper

    Recommended Websites for Tracing Woodworking History

    Directory of American Tools and Machinery Patents  A database of patent info on power woodworking tools. Includes diagrams patentees needed to submit for obtaining patents. Use Internet Explorer Browser, and Broadband speed is nice.

    Vintage Machinery  Formerly known as Old Woodworking Machines, this website is dedicated to documenting woodworker's vintage power machinery. Links, pictures of restored vintage machines, old catalogs, discussion, many of 6000 members expert in the historical details of individual tools.

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